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Gamma 405

Gamma 405


The GAMMA 405 pickleball paddle is for players that love to play with speed and power. Giving yourself the edge in tough matchups is crucial, and the slightly elongated graphite hitting surface and Sensa Poly Core provides you the advantage you need.


The responsive, comfortable feel and extended grip length make two-handed backhand drives a breeze, while the Signature GAMMA Honeycomb Cushion grip offers just the right amount of tack and moisture wicking to bring power to your game.




Based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Gamma's advanced knowledge of composites, plastics, and manufacturing techniques enables them to create pickleball paddles and balls with materials and methods that few can match. GAMMA understands that athletes have a lifelong need to grow, perform and strive for excellence. That’s why wthey never stop innovating and improving their technology.

Colour: Black
  • Weight

    Lightweight 7.6 ounces

  • Grip

    Gamma Signature Honeycomb

  • Paddle Face


  • Core

    Sensa Poly Core

  • Shape


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