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Joola Viridian

Joola Viridian


The JOOLA Viridian Pickleball Paddle uses the processes from JOOLA’s professional level paddles to create beginner pickleball paddle that is well balanced in power and control.


You’ll find the Viridian is more forgiving to mis-hits and gets more shots over the net as you learn to perfect your game. The fiberglass surface allows you to generate spin when needed while adding more pop and power.


The Response Honeycomb Polymer Core absorbs the shock of the ball hitting the paddle and sends it off with velocity and accuracy. Combined, the technologies inside and outside produce a pickleball racket that is also more durable and long lasting. 


  • Tested and approved by USA Pickleball: USAPA approved paddle for use at all levels including tournaments


  • Advanced Core Reduces Vibration & Fatigue: Response Honeycomb Polymer Core provides the feel you need for accurate shots and perfectly placed dinks


  • Fiberglass Drive Surface: generates extra pop and power to put away shots. Maintains a consistent surface throughout the lifespan of the racket.


  • Multi-Layer Process, 12mm Thickness: Extra levels of fiberglass are tiered in a unique and strategic way to create a pickleball paddle with power as well as control


  • Ridged Grip for a More Confident Hold: Anti-slip ridges give you more to hold onto as you extend your reach. Perforations pull moisture from the palms to reduce slipping. Reduces vibration and fatiguing during all day play.


Average weight 8.2 ounces.




Established in Germany in 1952, JOOLA has dominated the professional table tennis scene for over 15 years. 


In 2019, Sport Squad, Inc.,  announced its acquisition of JOOLA and in 2022, JOOLA launched JOOLA Pickleball and immediately took the sport by storm as the sponsor of pickleball world #1 Ben Johns and a partner of USPPA.

  • Weight


  • Grip


  • Paddle Face


  • Core

    Polypropylene Honeycomb

  • Shape


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