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Replacement 3.0 Pickleball Net Carry Bag

Replacement 3.0 Pickleball Net Carry Bag


The 3.0 Replacement Bag is just like the one you received with your original net system, but free from blemishes, tears, scratches or holes! If your bag has seen better days and you’re worried about it standing the test of time, then swap it with this one to assuage your concerns.

The 3.0 Replacement Bag comes with the standard compartments for storing the different parts of your net. It has convenient carrying straps and is made using a sturdy black nylon material. The outer zipper spans the full length of the bag and the Pickleball Inc logo is printed in white on the front. Bag measures 40" L x 8" H x 10" W.

The 3.0 Replacement Bag will keep your net safe during travel and ensure you can carry it with ease.


BAG ONLY. Does not include net.

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